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About Xgenex

Xgenex is committed to developing solutions today that will deliver immediate and long-term value. By 2050, the world population will require 100% more food and 70% of that food must come from efficiency – improving technology. These sobering facts define our future and the challenges we face. These facts also define the opportunity that Xgenex is dedicated to helping our industry address. At Xgenex we recognized that the old, established and outdated methods used in food production have served us well until now but will not be adequate for us to meet the challenges we will face soon and in the future. We often hear about outbreaks of diseases that are caused due to the presence of pathogens in food. For example, E.coli has been in news several times for all the wrong reasons. From ground beef, raw clover sprouts, ready to eat salads to spinach and spring onion greens, E.coli has been found. By consuming such foods, people have fallen ill and many have succumbed death. This should never be the case. That is why Advancing Sustainability and Green Technologies are the core values that define our business. Technology of the future will move food to markets faster. Food will have longer shelf life, they will be free from pathogens like E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc., and will offer more information to the consumer at the point of sale. Flavor, Taste, Nutrition, Safety and Ethics will dominate food production decision making. Companies that produce safe product at a fair profit will gain consumer confidence and displace those that are less prepared for a new and dynamic marketplace. Developing and advancing the new technologies that enhance our future is our mission at Xgenex.

Core Technologies

Look to Xgenex for innovative technologies that will empower food companies to solve and prevent problems.  Xgenex is developing a pipeline of new technologies to the food industry in the areas of

  • Green and Sustainable Chemicals, Biologics and Sanitizers that improve results.
  • Test Kits and Assay technologies that are very Fast, Accurate and Affordable
  • Laboratories, Consulting and Software Solutions

Our Values

We understand food safety, chemistry and the unique operational challenges of producing safe food. We promote biotechnology & innovation that improves the financial performance of the food industry. We see opportunity to leverage new technology in markets where “routines” are outdated. We are committed to sustainable and green solutions that deliver superior results.