Production and Process Chemicals

It all starts with smart chemistry, engineered specifically for beef production.

Xgenex offers a full range of chemistries approved by the FDA and USDA. Recommended chemistries supplied by Xgenex fully comply with current USDA FSIS Directive 7120.1.

At the same time, our scientists are constantly searching for innovative new chemistries to enhance your operations and optimize your total cost in use.

Our commitment goes beyond chemistry. We provide you with a selection of products combined with targeted recommendations for application. That means your program results are primed to lead the industry in performance and value.

Cleaning and Sanitation

A clean facility and properly sanitized equipment are required for regulatory compliance and food safety.

At Xgenex, we work with your staff and your selected C&S contractor to offer both conventional chemistries used in the beef industry and innovative new chemistries that improve performance.

Our products are all properly registered and accepted for intended uses by the EPA, FDA and USDA, as well as by foreign regulators.

Our consultative approach means we will conduct a complete review of existing practices and provide recommendations for improved performance and cost optimization. Our professional services team is available to work with your staff to review current Pre-Requisite Programs and SSOP to improve overall food safety programs.

Water for Food Production

Experience matters, and our expertise in water is unmatched.

Once we conduct a complete review of your Total Water Management practices, Xgenex will verify and document systems performance.

By enlisting an innovator in water management, you gain the assurance of knowing your systems are not only up to standard but industry-leading. In cases where improvements in water quality are achievable, Xgenex will work with you to identify affordable solutions that ensure you meet and exceed quality requirements for food production.

Boilers, Refrigeration and Cooling Systems

Collaboration is the key, and at Xgenex, we know how to work with your management team to ensure that utility systems are working at nearly 100-percent efficiency.

That increases confidence and saves money and time.

We provide clear and realistic recommendations to reach your goals, including a plan for implementation and calculated payback or ROI associated with improvements.

All recommended Xgenex products are FDA- and USDA approved for use in food production systems.

Programs that meet Kosher and Halal standards are available.

Waste Treatment Solutions

When you go down the list of problems and costs associated with waste handling in food production, it can be daunting.

Odors. Noncompliance. Fines. Discharge fees. Upsets.

At Xgenex, we have the expertise and experience to develop a comprehensive plan that ensures compliance at minimal cost.

This sometimes results in the need to upgrade your infrastructure.

When the time comes to update your equipment, Xgenex will work with you to develop a plan for making the right investments to optimize performance.