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AquaBella® provides both conventional and organic produce growers with a proprietary formulation of microbes and enzymes that are 100% natural and safe, easy to apply, made from organic materials, USDA accepted for use in organic food production, OMRI Listed, and are documented to increase crop yields up to 127% while reducing agricultural inputs including irrigation water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Grower testimonials document return on investment or Net ROI from 179% to 3,181%.

Differentiated Value: 3 Drivers for Immediate Benefit  

Increased Profits – Easily applied as directed during the growing cycle of the crop, TerraBella® works at the roots to improve plant health, enhancing the quality and consistency of fruits while increasing number of fruits produced and overall yield as determined by weight. Quite simply, higher yields return higher profits.

More Consistent, Higher Quality Produce – Healthy plants are more resistant to damage from plant pathogens and other stresses. Improved plant health promotes efficient conversion of nutrients that translates into more consistent fruit size, shape, color and flavor. More consistent fruit increases crop value and enhances packing operations efficiency.

Long-Term Environmental Benefits – The precise balance of bacteria and enzymes formulated in TerraBella® promote long-term improvement in soil condition and productivity. Reductions in use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides improve the environment and improve profits.


Meets or Exceeds Industry Green & Sustainability Standards


100% natural, organic ingredients
Easy to apply
Promotes nitrogen fixation
Promotes vigorous root growth
Promotes faster growth and higher yield
Promotes uniform growth
NPK Absorption
Minimizes transplant shock
Improves soil structure by promoting aggregation of soil particles


Growers Calculate Value of Higher Yields & Improved Plant Health

Extensive “controlled comparison” evaluations have been conducted by growers to measure and quantify benefits in plant health and increased profitability for crops where improvement is attributable to the use of TerraBella®.

Growers with experience using TerraBella® report significant improvements in plant health including increased fruit and vegetable piece counts plus increased weights. Economic impacts calculated by growers range from $60,000 per Acre Net Economic gain, to Net ROI ranging from 179% to 3,181%.

The following are actual results attributed to the use of TerraBella® as documented by growers:

Lettuce A  Grower reported Net profit increase of $900 per hectare
+21% Yield, +10% increase number of heads, +11% increase weight/head
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Lettuce B  Grower reported Net ROI increase @ 3,181%
+35% Yield, +27% increase number of heads, +6% increase weight/head
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Green Beans  Grower reported Net ROI increase @ 179%
+23% Yield measured by weight
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Sweet Potato  Grower reported Net ROI increase @ 1,306% based on +21% yield improvement
+21% Yield, crop yields range from +21% to +33% increase in weights
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Chili Pepper Grower reported Net ROI increase @ 347%
+28% Yield, +6% increase number of plants, +28% increase weight overall
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Banana  Grower reported Net increase in yield @ 127%
+127% Yield, +142% increase number of clusters, -6% weight per cluster
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Vineyard  Grower reported Net Economic Gain of $60,000 per acre
+3% Brix, +0.8% Potassium, +10 year grapevine increase in productive life
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Pomegranate  Grower reported Net ROI increase @ 2,461%
+33% Yield, +12% increase number of fruits, +19% increase weight/fruit
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