April 18, 2016

Water FiltrosisTM: The Ultimate Solution for Produce Process Water Reuse

Water Filtrosis TM: The Ultimate Solution  for Produce Process Water Reuse Today large, expensive, capital intensive equipment is used by water authorities to convert wastewater into potable drinking water that we use to drink, cook, shower and enjoy in our everyday lives.  For just a penny or less per gallon you now have access to similar technology designed specifically for food and agriculture water challenges.  Low pressure water Filtrosis provides the ultimate water solution for the produce processor and packer assuring food safety, water security, and cost savings.   Differentiated Value:  3 Drivers for Immediate Benefit    100% Safe for Food […]
March 7, 2016

AquaBella® Case Study: Sweet Potato Yields Increase 21% to 33%

Evaluation of TerraBella® was undertaken to measure the opportunity for early crop harvest to create a market advantage and also the impact that varying dosage of TerraBella has on yield vs. normal growing practices (control). Crops treated with TerraBella produced 21% more potatoes by weight compared with normal growing practices. This was considered a substantial benefit with a calculated Return on Investment (ROI) of 1,306% and a payback of 13 times the extra cost. Study data also show that early harvest (4.5 months compared with normal 5.5 months) yields increased by 33% for the crop treated with TerraBella vs. normal […]
February 25, 2016

Lettuce Summer Harvest: 10% More Lettuce Heads, 21% More Yield

Evaluation of TerraBella® was completed to measure effect on lettuce crop under summer growing conditions. TerraBella was applied twice during the side-by-side comparison. Other than two applications of TerraBella all conditions were equal. During the study lettuce production harvested from twenty-five meters of untreated furrows totaled 147.7 kilos compared with lettuce production of 179.2 kilos from an equal area of furrows treated with TerraBella; a 21% yield increase. Treated furrows produced 10% more lettuce heads than the untreated furrows, and these heads were on average 11% heavier than heads from untreated (control) furrows. All other conditions during this study were […]
December 31, 2015

Case Study: Red Beet Yield Increases 15.4%

Beta vulgaris, Sugar Beets are an important source of sugar in the global diet. Red Beets provide an important alternative winter food source.  Improvement in crop yields of Beta vulgaris offers significant world health implications.  AquaBella® Organic Solutions was applied twice during the early growth cycle of this study involving Red Beets.  Planting was done in January, the first application of TerraBella® in February and the second application in March; collection of roots was completed in April.  The farm owner oversaw the planting, applications of TerraBella® and harvests of the crop; the farm owner confirmed that all beets from treated […]
November 5, 2015

Case Study: Charles Krug Family Vineyards Treatment of a Grapevine Leafroll Disease – Infected Plot With Terrabella

PRODUCT USER:          Charles Krug Family Vineyards, St. Helena, CA, USA   ISSUE:                                              37 acre, 22-year old vineyard with low Brix content fruit, averaging 23%, making the fruit unusable in wine production. In addition to low Brix, these vines were also suffering from Grapevine Leafroll Disease, resulting in many fruit bodies falling off the vines before maturity. Absent an effective solution, these vines required re-planting, foregoing an estimated 10+ year remaining useful life.   TREATMENT:                     Standard three-stage TerraBella® application.   TREATMENT BENEFIT: This treatment, should results be sustained, will result in a 10+ year extension of the useful life of […]
October 30, 2015

Case Study: Pepper Yields Increase 28%, ROI + 347%

Yield improvement associated with TerraBella application to peppers was authorized by Mr. Dudi Koren of Kibbutz Shoval, Israel. The kibbutz covers 600 dunam (150 acres), where it was agreed to conduct an evaluation of two lots measuring 1.6 dunam each producing chili pepper (paprika). Measurements were performed on peppers harvested from all the plants in two (2) meter long lanes in four different beds, randomly selected from the treated and control beds. TerraBella was applied two times, the first application immediately following seedling transplant and the second application two weeks following the first application Case Study: Pepper Yields Increase 28%, […]
October 30, 2015

Case Study: Banana Yields More than Double; Increases 127%

Evaluation of TerraBella® at the Kibbutz Ginosar, located on the banks of the Sea of Galilee demonstrate dramatic fruit yield increases by application of TerraBella® through the existing drip irrigation system. TerraBella was applied at three times during the evaluation under double-blinded side-by-side comparison. During this study fruit production from untreated plants totaled 1,989 pounds of bananas compared with fruit production from an equal number of plants treated with TerraBella that produced 4,515 pounds of bananas. Treated plants produced more than twice the yield of untreated plants. All other conditions during this study were deemed by the farm agronomist to […]
October 2, 2015

Xgenex Pomegranate Case Study: Yield Increases 33%, ROI +2461%

AquaBella® Organic Solutions applied to soil at the base of trees once/monthly for three months during the early growth cycle. The evaluation was performed at the orchard of Mr. Marshall in MoshavArugot, Israel. Mr. Marshall, the orchard owner oversaw application of TerraBella® product and oversaw harvest and weighing of fruits from randomly selected trees to compare treated vs untreated tree production. The owner oversaw the harvest; confirmed that all mature fruit was picked; ensured treated and untreated pomegranates were placed in separate boxes – one tree per box; and supervised the counting and weighing. Download English PDF Click Here Donwnload […]