Kroff Food Services

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Kroff Food Services is an agile and responsive process chemicals, water and wastewater treatment company with industry-leading expertise and experience.  We engineer solutions based on operational challenges and adapt our products and processes to meet the needs of each customer. That means our customers can stay focused on their business.

For food processors, Kroff Food Services, offers a full circle of chemicals and services to meet your full range of needs, including C&S, HACCP interventions, production aids and water treatment, as well as facilities management, including steam boilers, cooling water and wastewater treatment.  With our services you can sanitize your food production system and get rid of deadly pathogens like Listeria, Salmolenna, E.coli, etc. in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. It is very important to keep these pathogens out of food. For e.g. listeria monocytogenes in food causes a serious infection called Listeriosis that primarily affects pregnant women, new borns and people with weak immune system. By sanitizing water for food production, you are paving way for pathogen free food.

Our five core competencies include on-site services that deliver proven solutions and approved chemicals. Our advanced technologies and skilled personnel make Kroff Food Services, a strategic partner that enables food producers to improve results, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

We serve as a single point of contact for chemical and water process needs.