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Xgenex consults on a variety of technologies that enable food producers to confidently control Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other bacteria that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage.

Business Solutions

FSR: Food Safety Resources App
PTI Shared Life


Chemical & Biological Solutions

AquaBella® Solutions
Whole Room Sanitization
HACCP Intervention Solutions
Cleaners & Sanitizers
Water & Resource Optimization
Water & Resource Management
Water & Resource Savings Summary
Odor Control
Reducing BOD, COD, PO4, TSS, TKN
Waste  Solidification & Compost Solution
Boilers, Cooling Water, Refrigeration
Water Treatment
Drought Survival Solutions
Water Conservation & Reuse
Wastewater Minimization


Testing & Laboratory Solutions

Food Safety & Security
Laboratory Services