Treatment of Green Bean Fields Under the Influence of TERRABELLA®

Product User: Sarabian Farms, Sanger, CA
Issue: Green bean farm looking to increase crop yield.

Treatment Date: August 2010
Treatment: Standard two-stage TerraBella® application to test plot containing 10 rows of beans. Control plot of the same size was identically planted and maintained.
Treatment Result: Yield: treated plot produced 23% more total beans than the control plot. ROI: Considering the cost of the TerraBella®, the sales price of the green beans, and the 23% yield increase, Sarabian’s return on investment was 179%.

Incremental Benefits: After the green bean harvest, the same plot was used for cucumbers with a notably longer growing season and greater (though not precisely measured) yield from the treated plot.

30# Boxes of Beans in a Control Bed was 312. In a Treated Bed, there were 384, showing a Total Bean Percentage Increase of 23%.

Green beans were collected and weighed by Sarabian employees.

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